BON-L Ladder Hoist


We are offering plans to build a functional and cost friendly Ladder Hoist.
Although this non-powered ladder hoist was PRIMARILY designed for lifting roof shingles, the folding platform assembly could be customized to hoist things like rock-sheet, windows, plywood, etc.

This product requires machining a few parts which can be done easily enough if you have a lathe and know how to operate one. If not, a local machine shop would be able to do the work in 1 to 2 hours using the drawings we provide in our plans. A third alternative is to buy the premade kit of parts which we are able to provide for a reasonable price.
•  Click here for more details on ordering machined parts kit

NOTE – These plans were designed for the BON L 7700 series brand of aluminum extension ladders which is available primarily in Canada.
•  Extension Ladder Specifications

These plans are COMPLETE with raw materials list, exact drawings, tools required and instructions that are easy to follow.

BON L 7700 Series Non-Powered Ladder Hoist Plans
File Size – 527 kilobytes
File Format – .pdf (viewed with Adobe Reader)
Pages – 13 pages

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