12 Ton Hydraulic Press


This 12 Ton Press is an economical, yet fully functional press designed for automotive and general shop work.
It is an invaluable asset to any shop where any bending, straightening, or pressing work is required.

Most of our plans we offer require certain parts to be formed… this press will handle those projects. On the automotive/mechanical end….installing gears, pulleys, bearings, bushings, U-Joints, and wrist pins can all be accomplished with ease with this easy to build project.

-dual return springs to retract the 12 ton hydraulic jack ram
-7″ x 18″ workable area on adjustable press bed -has a 40″ bed working height
-can accept longer shafts for straightening through the ‘open’ style frame rails
-Takes up approximately 20″ x 25″ of floorspace

These plans are COMPLETE with raw materials list, exact drawings, tools required and instructions that are easy to follow.

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