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ABOUT US    Standard Model Treestand
Standard Folding Model Tree Stand    We are offering plans to build a functional and cost friendly folding treestand that you can build for yourself, with a minimum of tools and time.

Our company has teamed up with a Canadian outfitter who has successfully hunted whitetail deer, black bear and elk for over 60 combined seasons. Their outfitting business demands dozens of easily portable treestands that are comfortable and quiet, yet durable enough to withstand years of abuse without breaking.

These have to be reliable and trustworthy enough to use week after week, year after year and hold anyone who can climb a tree.

Through the years this design has impressed a wide range of hunters including police officers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, factory workers, farmers and multimillionaires. Years of experience and experimenting with both factory and homebuilt types of treestands leads us to believe that there is no need to look further than this time tested design.

It is this design that we are offering you today

Standard Model Treestand Plans
Dimensions - Height 16", Seat 12" X 10", Base 24" X 17"
Finished Weight - 26 lbs
File Size - 791 kilobytes
File Format - .pdf (viewed with Adobe Reader)
Pages - 15 pages
Revision - 1.01 (released July 17, 2001)

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If you are unsatisfied with this product we will issue a full refund. Just contact us within 10 days of this purchase and let us know how we might improve our plans.

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