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ABOUT US    Hunting Bears with a 270 Winchester
   A practical, but in-depth, look at a popular hunting rifle, equipment and thier effectiveness on bringing home a trophy.
   This information package was created due to the frustration of the constant barrage of manufacturer's propaganda in the hunting world. Common sense will tell us that someone pays for the ads in magazines. Of course, it is the consumer that is indirectly paying when they purchase rifles, ammo, clothes and the like. Did you ever notice that after reading an article that tells you how much you need a certain gun, boots, clothes, optics, etc to be successful…you will find a host of ads to match those very things.

Now our wish is not to condemn any or all hunting magazines or TV shows. They do promote this great outdoor experience and provide us with entertainment, but that is about all they provide....entertainment.

A quick story about a well known outdoor writer that I have personally guided several times that does the hunting show circuit. While he was hunting with another outfitter, he was desperately trying to locate a huge whitetail buck that had been seen a few days before. Apparently, he was walking alongside a barb wire fence line when the fence made a creaking noise... he looked back and saw a huge buck standing broadside about 100 yards behind him. He turned, shot, and the deer fell down…it was a beautiful Boone and Crocket record deer. …end of story.

Since he had told me himself what happened, I thought I would pick up the magazine to see the pictures of the deer when it was published. I could not believe what I found. I suffered through 8 pages of early morning scouting, trails, scrapes, rubs and reading deer signs to set up properly on this brute before hunting with the right clothes and gun to put the deer down. But it was entertaining I guess.

After twenty plus seasons of guiding for black bears, there has arisen a consistent pattern of what works and what only "sort of" works in the taking of great game. For the first time you will be able to receive good sound information that is not tainted by someone trying to sell you a new an improved product, but rather how to take what you have and use it to maximum effectiveness.

You can be rest assured is that I will not be endorsing any product for financial gain, but rather hoping that you will be able to take this information and make your next hunt a success. As well, something you will not receive is a brochure or solicitation from myself or any other outfitter or guide now or in the future. My hunts are already booked well into the future.

I'm not sure how we can make a better package for hunters who range from those just entering the sport to those with many hunts under their belts. You will, quite likely, with the low cost for this information, save more than the amount on shells just sighting your rifle in the next time. Or if you were thinking about buying a new gun you will likely find your old faithful will be just fine and you will be prepared for anything.

My outfitting business has been the testing grounds, and for less than the price of a box of cheap shells you could go into the woods with the confidence of being ready.

• Good luck
• Good hunting
• Shoot straight

Ian Mckay
Canadian Outfitter

270 Winchester / Black Bear Hunting Instructions
You will receive...
• An honest account of how each rifle listed has performed the best
• the type of bullets that performed the best in both factory and hand loaded ammo
• tips on how to properly sight in your rifle
• where to aim to make an effective shot in the optimum kill zone
• personal suggestions and comments on what I feel is the best black bear rifle on the market if you are looking for a new rifle
• the ideal optics needed for a scoped rifle
• good choice for binoculars
• short summary on a good choice for clothing and boots

Revision - 1.00 (released Oct 15, 2001)

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